Sustainability means a transformation of the human lifestyle that optimizes the probability that life conditions will continuously support security, well-being, and health. 


Instead of, simply establishing common goals, sustainability opens up possibilities to meet expectations. 


Thanks to a holistic system, which is restorative by intention and design, we offer our customers a new sustainable way of living, that strengthen and regenerate the planet for all future generation.


We like to think of Systemic Design as a place in which scientific developments and technological applications come together, creating a sustainable impact on our community.

Through this process, every day, we can give back and fight the environmental issue.


A well-designed product should be essential and practical.


Following this belief, Wave Bag designed an envelope of like materials easy to recycle.

Our padded envelopes do not need to be separate before being discarded, both the inside and the outside can be thrown in the paper recycling bin.


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